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After world war 2nd-green tea defused Japanese

Last decade of 20 century, Isao Kaburagi (former Executive of Japanese green tea associaiton) made big campaign and by its tradtional good taste, the Japanese green tea boom has occurred.

As a result, boom of Japanese green tea health has occurred.

In 1963, Gyokuro tea won 1st prize of Japanese tea examination and mass Gyokuro tea production began.

In 1963, Mitsui Corporation imported tea bagged processing machine from convenience requirement at that days and tea bagged Japanese green tea began to sold.

Can Oolong tea was invented and ,following,Can Japanese drink became boom.

Recently Nongaracha (leafless instant tea) has promoted.

As we have seen before, Green tea introduced in 6th century. At first some part of people could drink Japanese green tea and Sado(Japanese tea ceremony) culture was created.

Then Edo period (1600-1868) both high class people and ordinary people could drink Japanese green tea.

In Meiji period(1868-1912) Almost present Sencha production method was completed and exported massively.

Through 20th century Japanese green tea vividly spreaded to Japanese daily life.
Therefore I could say Japanese green tea industry is a mature industry.

Nongaracha (leafless instant tea) has promoted recently that means that there is a new Japanese green tea future.

Teas are products that exist all over the world. People in each country enjoy each countries' tea.

In Japan, People drink Japanese green teas for daily live charm in their home.

Japanese green teas, cpmpared with other countries's teas, are produced very neatly.

It is good that you drink world teas in order to compare with Japanese green tea and renew your understanding wonderful Japanese culture.

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