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It is no exaggeration to say that Japanese green tea industry has been developed by trade. First beginning of Japanese green tea export is that East India cooperation exported Europe from Hirado in Japan. After that, there is a record that East India Cooperation asked Japanese green tea to Uji Japanese production area.At that time, Japan closed market to overseas, Hirado is an only window to overseas.From Hirado, Dutch exported Japanese green tea to Europe.

Since Japan restarted trade in 1859, approximately 240 tons of Ureshino Japanese green teas were exported from Nagasaki.From this, Japanese green tea industry developed big. Few years later, Japanese green tea production areas are sharply increased.As production was increased,machine production was developed.

England exported 723 tons in 1860 and imported Japanese green tea from Japan.Japanese green tea was not liked by English so that England exported again to US.

After that, with open of Pacific sea route, Japan directly exported Japanese green tea to US.Export amount to US was increased. In1899, As Simuzu (Sizuoka prefecture) international port opened, Japanese green tea trade mainly done in Simizu that changed from Yokohama, Kobe international port.

Late 19th century, Japanese green tea exported US, Canada and Russia. Japanese green tea export to Russia stopped because of War. In 1917, Japanese green tea's best record to US achieved and the amount is 30,000 tons. After that, Japanese green tea export to US is stable at 10,000 tons. The world depression brought decrease Japanese green tea export. After that despite recovery, overseas market was shut down by world war second. Present export amount is 100 tons. Recently,in European market, Japanese green tea is recognized as hygienic drink and increased market slightly. Green tea import has found 13 tons from Taiwan in 1962.After that , low price green tea is imported because domestic demand and price of domestic Japanese green tea rise. Therefore Japanese green tea industry invested to Japanese green tea production facilities in overseas such as Kenya, Brazil, India and imported.In 1973, Japanese green tea import amounted 13,000 tons. Nowadays, Because domestic production has rise, green tea import amounted 2000 tons from Taiwan and China.

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