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Before world war 2nd-hygienic and defused product

Japanese green tea export continued until the world war 1st ended. From around 1920, Americans began to prefer English black tea and Economical block before world war 1st brought to lose Japanese green tea overseas market. Then, Japanese green tea defused in domestic market.

Tea is medical effect had widely known from before as " medicine for life". From late Taisho period( 1912-1929), scientific research of Japanese green tea'medical effect advanced and as medical effect verified, Tea are recognized as hygienic drink.

Product that contains tea was developed also. There was a discussion that tea is unnecessary product in wartime, Tea was recognized necessary product as hygienic drink and necessary drink to Japanese daily life's charm. In 1943, tea was appointed a drink in army that supply Vitamins. In 1904, Gyokuro tea prototyped in Hosino. In 1916, First all Japan's Japanese green tea competitive exhibition held in Sizuoka.

In1916, national tea research center established. In 1925, Sencha machine production established and spreaded machine production rapidly. In 1933, Japanese tea industry exhibit Japanese green tea and tea tool in Chicago global; exhibition.

Major tea's medical effect research before world war 2nd

1820 Physiologist Runge (Switzerland) discovered Caffeine.
1847 Rochelder (German) discovered tannin contained in tea.
1924 Seitaro Miura, Tsujimura Mitiyo announced that a lot of Vitamin C is contained in tea.
1927 Raizo Yamamoto separated substance similar to Catechin from green tea.
1929 Ms. Michiyo Tujimura separeted (-)epicatechin from green tea.
1932 Michiyo Tsujimura and Ryo Yamamoto separated outrider substance of Vitamin A
1933 Yasuyoshi Oshima and Teruo Arima separated galocatechin from tea.
1935 Michiyo Tsujimura separated epigalo-catechin.
1941 Michiyo Tsujimura separated Vitamin A from green tea.

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