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Take a break with a cup of tea.With some tips, your tea will be surprisingly delicious.

Recommend of season

    • This is a authentic Ureshinocha and heated by caldron roasting, to stop the fermentation. Tea leaves are round, from its shape ball green tea or fist green tea also known as.



    • Gyokuro contain the most Vitamin amongst the Japanese green teas. By cold brewing, the astringent taste is hold and mild taste is increased. Cooling down rapidly after infused makes the tea will prevent from brown discoloration and keep clear green color that enables that it is good cool drink either for your eyes.



    • The easy-to-use triangle tea bag with a flavor of blending selected Sencha and Maccha tea. As soon as you pour boiling water and let the tea start to brew, the elegant aroma will spread. You can enjoy the aroma and taste with cool water, too.

      75g(5g x 15p) x 6p


    • The easy-to-use triangle tea bag with a flavor of selected Gemmaicha. Gemmaicha is tea mixed with roasted brown rice, and is favorable to drink during summer season among Japanese.

      100g x 6p


    • The brand new tea produced by a special tea-planting technology, which uses a steam water vapor during the tea plantation.
      This special tea can help the body absorb water effectively, and is suitable taking while and after playing sports.



    • A set of three tea bargain. Darjeeling BOP, Uva OP, a set of Assam BOP.

      3 bags


    • This Tetsubin is made by the same old method,Color is rust color.
      The inside of Tetsubin is uncoated ,so iron seep rich into hot water. It is good for health.

      1.8 L


    • Laver contains more vitamins and pure protein than other seaweeds. The higher the quality, the more vitamins the laver contains. It also contains iron. Laver is said to be a good supplementary food. The product is offered at a special price.

      3 quires


    • The easy-to-use triangle tea bag with a flavor of selected Houjicha (roasted green tea).Houjicha is easy to drink for kids and helps the body rehydrate after exercise, training or competition.



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