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Message from the President
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Message from the President
The tea is punctuation of your heart.
We take care of warm heart of hot teas.
(1)My tea business is the practice of "creative activities".
Our company is standing in 118 years "old curtains" and challenge to become "new sense" shop.
We respect the past and live now firmly for the future. There are the past,
now and the future in Kaburagien's each product. We analyse the product's reason of existence precisely and from this, the products will be shine. We look over the each product and consider how do we make the products brighten. Off course, the speed of the business is important and it enables to make our products bright.

(2)For our customer
We sell the fresh and new teas through our full of knowledge of tea and precise tea judgment ability.
As a tea master, I will spread
1. History of the Japanese green tea,
2. how to produce the Japanese green teas. (fresh and the Japanese green tea original)
3. How to brew the Japanese green teas.
4. life long study class room of tea, etc.

(3)For the world
We continuously appeal to customers the Japanese green tea's many healthy effects such as cancer prevention that is a characteristic of the Japanese green teas and we make effort to let customer drink the Japanese green tea as favorite drinks.

Dear customers, I wish you favorite to the Kaburagien Co.Ltd in long time.
Takeshi KABURAGI  

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