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Take a break with a cup of tea.With some tips, your tea will be surprisingly delicious.

Recommend of season

    • Water out green tea have a lot of Epigallocatechin, it brings out the sweetness and very good health as well. 3 teaspoons of one minute into a teapot, directly pour water into the pot, wait a minute. When pouring in all, to go and come to a cup, please pour a little at a time. Green becomes constant. Last possible pour 1 drop and the second can taste.



    • Summer's green tea! Frost sugar with a lot of Uji matcha, we made dark green tea I made. In the hot summer to recover from fatigue some somewhat sweet and catechin is good. Put in a glass 3g - 5g (you like), and then cold water pour into a grass and stir, it's ready.



    • The easy-to-use triangle tea bag with a flavor of blending selected Sencha and Maccha tea. As soon as you pour boiling water and let the tea start to brew, the elegant aroma will spread. You can enjoy the aroma and taste with cool water, too.

      100g x 6p


    • Gyokuro contain the most Vitamin amongst the Japanese green teas. By cold brewing, the astringent taste is hold and mild taste is increased. Cooling down rapidly after infused makes the tea will prevent from brown discoloration and keep clear green color that enables that it is good cool drink either for your eyes.



    • Eat the whole leaves of tea! This is powdered Sencha. Green tea contains a variety of ingredients including vitamins, carotene, and catechin. As vitamin A and E are not water soluble, they are effective only when they are eaten. It also contains dietary fiber that aids digestion. In addition, the tea refreshes your mouth after a meal.

      25 piece


    • New season tea product in Kagoshima area Bright and deep green, rich sweetness has a fresh aroma, plump and delicious tea.



    • The "Norishibi-zukuri" (traditional method) toasted laver of the high quality from Ariake is offered in this large size. A traditional Japanese crisp taste and flavor. The whole size is for rolled sushi, the quarter size for hand-rolled sushi and the one-eighth for your daily meal. Thus it comes in convenient sizes. The person receiving this as a present will be delighted.

      1 quire (10 sheets)


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