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Take a break with a cup of tea.With some tips, your tea will be surprisingly delicious.

Recommend of season

    • It made from Flying fish, dried bonito shavings, tangle weed, shiitake mushroom and Gyokuro leaf. Gyokuro can get rid of smell of fish, so it has delicious and rich taste. For stock, for soup it is very good. This is an outstanding product!!

      8g x 15pack


    • Tea leaves of the highest grade grown in the hinterland of Kawane. Tightly curled leaves of deep color. Brew it in the lower temperature. Thick and sweet, but slightly bitter. You will enjoy rich aftertaste and aroma. Enjoy it in the most important occasion. Note that you should use hot water of the temperature lower than usual.



    • Moderately steamed premium Sencha. We blended Uji-cha and Shizuoka-cha into Kakegawa-cha. This is one of the most popular products of the company. No special care is required to generate its good color, aroma, and full body. If you use hot water at lower temperatures, the fine taste is improved even more. Our second most popular product.



    • "HATSUZUMI" is a series of middle steamed Sencha in which teas of many different area are blended. This is the original product we, having a supplier all over Japan, can produce. This is very convenient tea, taste good, beautiful clear green color, and suitable for the gift too.

      100g x 6p


    • In the winter we feel delicious to deep roasted tea. This tea product from Kakegawa deep steamed tea and have Catechin rich. Even deep roasted colors are beautiful green and aromas delicious. It is thick and tasty tea.



    • This sencha is produced by having a process of Sima T machine (Super heating Moisture Atmosphere) method when the tea is heated in 300 centigrade (Celsius) at a burst. The tea is deep steamed tea that have high aroma like that of Houjicha, after taste is fresh and the tea is mildly to your stomach even if you drink the tea so many times.



    • 1 quire
      (10 sheets)


    • Laver contains more vitamins and pure protein than other seaweeds. The higher the quality, the more vitamins the laver contains. It also contains iron. Laver is said to be a good supplementary food. The product is offered at a special price.

      3 quires


    • High grade deep steamed tea and mixed Matcha and adds gilt. Made it to be able to brew the gilt with tea through tight inner net of the kyusu(the Japanese tea pot).Amazing green color and gilt is brilliantly on the tea, gorgeous and good topic of conversation. It is good for little something to gift and Season's gift.



    • One day in the Ancient time when unknown epidemic hit Kyoto that killed thousands, the Saint Kuuya gave the sufferer the tea, which had once purified by the Buddha. Unbelievably many sufferers were recovered by the tea.



    • Delicate aroma and the time to heal. Unique shape and beautiful light, Aroma's synergy make living deep contentment.



    • When you tilt the pot to pour tea, a little bird flies out. It is a simple trick but makes everyone smile. Very popular at Kaburagien shop. It is made of Banko porcelain.



    • This Tetsubin is made by the same old method,Color is rust color.
      The inside of Tetsubin is uncoated ,so iron seep rich into hot water. It is good for health.



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