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Take a break with a cup of tea.With some tips, your tea will be surprisingly delicious.

Recommend of season

    • This sencha is produced by having a process of Sima T machine (Super heating Moisture Atmosphere) method when the tea is heated in 300 centigrade (Celsius) at a burst. The tea is deep steamed tea that have high aroma like that of Houjicha, after taste is fresh and the tea is mildly to your stomach even if you drink the tea so many times.



    • The tea's beautiful green color reminds me spring and the taste is sweet as well as aroma feels you spring. The tea is little thin and middle steamed and middle heated sencha produced in Kawane region.



    • This year cherry blossom has been special for Japanese giving us hope for a nice spring season.We offer Kakegawa-newly-picked tea packaged with the cherry blossom design tea can.Deeply roasted Kakegawa-newly-picked tea allows full flavor and aroma that everyone can enjoy. We also recommend this Kakegawa tea can package as a gift for special occasion.



    • "HATSUZUMI" is a series of middle steamed Sencha in which teas of many different area are blended. This is the original product we, having a supplier all over Japan, can produce. This is very convenient tea, taste good, beautiful clear green color, and suitable for the gift too.

      100g x 6p


    • The 3rd hottest product!
      "Choice Sencha Middle steamed tea" 6 packs of 100g
      We offer them of the regular charge of 3,000 yen for 2,500 yen.

      We have blended 4 area's tea mainly Kawane area in Shizuoka.
      This is very convenient tea, good smell, beautiful clear green color, and reasonable price. This series is appropriate for every casual situation.

      100g x 6p (5 pack price include 6pack)


    • 100g


    • Fuku Dharma is call good fortune. In the can it is in 1.5g roasted tea bag 10p. And it is very popular for Good Fortune moved roasted tea.

      1.5g x 10p


    • 1 quire
      (10 sheets)


    • Laver contains more vitamins and pure protein than other seaweeds. The higher the quality, the more vitamins the laver contains. It also contains iron. Laver is said to be a good supplementary food. The product is offered at a special price.

      3 quires


    • A set of three tea bargain. Darjeeling BOP, Uva OP, a set of Assam BOP.

      3 bags


    • When you tilt the pot to pour tea, a little bird flies out. It is a simple trick but makes everyone smile. Very popular at Kaburagien shop. It is made of Banko porcelain.



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