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Take a break with a cup of tea.With some tips, your tea will be surprisingly delicious.

Recommend of season

    • Eat the whole leaves of tea! This is powdered Sencha. Green tea contains a variety of ingredients including vitamins, carotene, and catechin. As vitamin A and E are not water soluble, they are effective only when they are eaten. It also contains dietary fiber that aids digestion. In addition, the tea refreshes your mouth after a meal.

      25 piece


    • You can make 500 cups of tea in the book.Solved easily, made tea the same fineness as Matcha .Rich flavor, taste ,,easy to drink tea, food, cookies, latte, and very active in. Sushi shop in heavy use, handy to whiskey, shochu with hot water.

      100g with holder


    • The easy-to-use triangle tea bag with a flavor of blending selected Sencha and Maccha tea. As soon as you pour boiling water and let the tea start to brew, the elegant aroma will spread. You can enjoy the aroma and taste with cool water, too.

      100g x 6p


    • The brand new tea produced by a special tea-planting technology, which uses a steam water vapor during the tea plantation.
      This special tea can help the body absorb water effectively, and is suitable taking while and after playing sports.

      3g x 30p


    • Gyokuro contain the most Vitamin amongst the Japanese green teas. By cold brewing, the astringent taste is hold and mild taste is increased. Cooling down rapidly after infused makes the tea will prevent from brown discoloration and keep clear green color that enables that it is good cool drink either for your eyes.



    • A set of three tea bargain. Darjeeling BOP, Uva OP, a set of Assam BOP.

      3 bags


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