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Take a break with a cup of tea.With some tips, your tea will be surprisingly delicious.

Recommend of season

    • New season tea product in Kagoshima area
      Bright and deep green, rich sweetness has a fresh aroma, plump and delicious tea.



    • Picking out the fuzz sprouting tea leaves and tea,a type of tea made at shallow fermentation degrees phase and let dry naturally. Do not twist kneading picked tea leaves for the leaf surfaces are covered with downy hair.



    • It is powdered tea which JAS(Japanese Agricultural Standard) certified organic cultivated Sencha powder like Matcha. Because it drinks whole catechin of green tea, it is to the health benefits tea.



    • The tea's beautiful green color reminds me spring and the taste is sweet as well as aroma feels you spring. The tea is little thin and middle steamed and middle heated sencha produced in Kawane region.



    • Soft Kombu (kelp) produced in Risiri region are cut shaping by "Kotobui" in Kanji (Japanese character). When you pour hot water, Kombu absorbed hot water and become big "Kotobuki" Kanji (Kotobuki means celebration in words in Japanese) Kombucha used well in celebrating occasion. We assure its unique and enjoyable products would bring the interesting topic of your conversation.

      1 bags 6pieces contained


    • High grade deep steamed tea and mixed Matcha and adds gilt. Made it to be able to brew the gilt with tea through tight inner net of the kyusu(the Japanese tea pot).Amazing green color and gilt is brilliantly on the tea, gorgeous and good topic of conversation. It is good for little something to gift and Seasonfs gift.



    • The scent of cherry blossom, slightly sour taste, and premium Sencha powder make a good match. Reminiscent of a flurry of scattering cherry blossoms. Have a break and a cup of flavored tea. In teabag style for your convenience. Enjoy this stylish afternoon tea.

      35g (7 x 5g)


    • This year cherry blossom has been special for Japanese giving us hope for a nice spring season.We offer Kakegawa-newly-picked tea packaged with the cherry blossom design tea can.Deeply roasted Kakegawa-newly-picked tea allows full flavor and aroma that everyone can enjoy. We also recommend this Kakegawa tea can package as a gift for special occasion.

      100g sakura can


    • "HATSUZUMI" is a series of middle steamed Sencha in which teas of many different area are blended. This is the original product we, having a supplier all over Japan, can produce. This is very convenient tea, taste good, beautiful clear green color, and suitable for the gift too.

      100g x 6p


    • A set of three tea bargain. Darjeeling BOP, Uva OP, a set of Assam BOP.

      3 bags


    • The "Norishibi-zukuri" (traditional method) toasted laver of the high quality from Ariake is offered in this large size. A traditional Japanese crisp taste and flavor. The whole size is for rolled sushi, the quarter size for hand-rolled sushi and the one-eighth for your daily meal. Thus it comes in convenient sizes. The person receiving this as a present will be delighted.

      1 quire (10 sheets)


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