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Japanese green tea consumption

Japanese green tea has took root in Japanese society as taste drink as well as indispensable product.

Consumed green teas are various.These teas are different dependent on production areas and plantation as well as production method and distribution

Therefore kinds of Japanese green teas are countless. However, these teas are judged by same 4 criteria, appearance, taste, aroma, color. Green tea consumption in Japan was 500g per capita in 1910th and increased from 1950th and achieved 1kg from 1970th.

After that, Japanese green tea consumption was gradually decreased because of life style's change and other drink's rise.

Present Japanese green tea consumption is 700g per capita.

Green tea consumption is stable because price and income elasticity area small so that ratio of food cost is 0.7%.
A unit of family purchase Japanese green tea at amount of 6000yen per year and unit price is 500 yen per 100g and unit amount is approximately 1300g.

Consumer's purchasing unit is small, 100g to 200g. Purchasing frequency is one time in three weeks.

Over half of consumers buy Japanese green tea specialized shops. Next 30% of consumers buy Japanese green tea in supermarkets.

Recently Tokyo Japanese green tea association has made campaign that " Let customer buy Japanese green tea in Japanese green tea specialized shop.

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