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New teas

Instant leafless tea

The tea of new teas that reader should pay attention is leafless instant Japanese green tea.
If we ask to the people who dose not drink Japanese green tea, the people do not like disposing tea leaves.

It is convenient that instant tea is leafless. Instant Japanese green tea has been producing from before.

However, products were not good because Japanese green tea is high higroscopic and Instant Japanese green tea had low aroma before.

Therefore Instant Japanese green tea market is used to be small.

Recently products have been improved and be able to produce delicious Japanese green tea.
Instant Japanese green tea has already used in automatic tea serving machine in offices.

Instant Japanese green tea that remains Japanese green tea's compounds as a whole has been developed by making Japanese green tea minute.

KABURAGIEN Corporation also promoted this Instant Japanese green tea in collaboration with SATO Food Corporation. In Kanto area in Japan, few companies competed to promote Instant leafless tea.


Cans-drink tea

During this 10 years, Cans-drinks tea ( tea contained in cans or PET bottle) has been sold supermarket or convenience store in Japan and is increased its sales.

Sen-cha cans drink was difficult to produce because Sen-cha tea quality is changing as time passes by.

ITOEN had researched over 10 years and succeeded to produce cans-drink Japanese green tea in 1985.

Tea cans- drink has been sold Houji-cha tea, Sen-cha tea, English black tea since Oolong cans-drink was begun to sold in 1981.


GABA tea

In 1986 Tsusida of tea examination center of agricultural ministry has developed GABA tea.
The gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is added to normal Japanese green tea.
Using chemical compounds and work of ferment in tea leaves, GABA is added to Japanese green tea leaves.

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