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Judgement of Japanese green tea

All people engaged in Japanese green tea business judged Japanese green tea by 4 criteria, appearance, aroma, color, taste.

There are two ways of judgment, judgment by sense and scientific judgment by machine. Usually, we judge Japanese green tea by sense.

In judging appearance, 150g of Japanese green teas are put on Judgment tray. @
In judging aroma, color, taste, two 3g of Japanese green teas are put each tea cup of balances. @
@ @
Aroma judged by scooping tea and be close to nose. Taste is judged by scooping tea liquid and tasted on tongue and after be out of mouth not drank. @

Preferable aroma is refreshed aroma that combined of flowery aroma, fruity aroma, medical aroma, resinous aroma, and heated aroma. Preferable Senate tea aromas are refreshed new leaves aroma, light heated aroma, light flowery aroma.

Shape and gloss are judged in appearance. Presence or equality of scale, tight are judged. In judging gloss, nutrition of material tea leaves, production, plucking time are judged.

Color is judged by that tea leaves are eliminated and judged quickly before temperature will be down. Tea leaves material, handling tea leaves, processing, changing quality are judged.

Taste is important quality of Japanese green tea. Taste, refreshes, density, sweetness, astringent and bitterness are judged.

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