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How to drink Japanese green tea deliciously

80% of Japanese green teas that are produced now in Japan are Sen-cha teas. @
Sen-cha tea is various dependents on steaming. Low steaming tea is good appearance and high aroma.

High steaming tea is less appearance but aroma is good body. Customers buy low steaming tea or high steaming tea dependent on preference.

Generally, low steaming tea is good for high quality water and high steaming tea is good for less quality water.


White tea cups should be used because tea color looks good.

In order to enjoy tea taste fully, It is better that customer buy Japanese green tea from 1000yen per 100g to 3000yen per 100g. Amount of tea leaves is 6-8g for one time.

Tea taste is changed dependent on hot water temperature. Astringency taste and bitter taste are appeared in 80C and brothy taste is appeared in 60C.

If water is too hot, taste is too bitter and astringent. Water has to be boiled and cool down slightly.

It is best that water is in 65C when you drink Japanese green tea.For example water that is kept warm in vacuum kettle is in 85C. The water is poured to tea cups once and remove to tea pot.

In this way, the water is suitable temperature when you make tea.

When you put tea leaves and suitable temperature water, you should wait until tea leaves are open.

High steaming tea has to be wait 30 seconds and low steaming tea has to be wait 60 seconds.

The most important thing of making tea is that tea should be poured into each tea cups many times by small amounts.

Second making tea tends to more bitter and astringent taste therefore hot water temperature has to be down slightly.

Tea leaves are already open during second making tea therefore you do not wait to pour tea into tea cups. When you select tea shops from many tea shops, you should choose tea shop that sale a lot of 1000yen per 100g of Japanese green tea for example.

You should buy vacuums packed Japanese green teas.

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