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Beginning-When look back upon Japanese green tea as spreaded commodity

We, Japanese, unconsciously drink Japanese green tea every day.

There is a word "Ochanoma" (means tea room that family watch television with drinking tea) that shows Japanese green tea has defused so very much in Japanese daily life.

Every product has development stages.

Like cars and computers, firstly prototype is launched, next high price products are sold to some people, finally everyone can buy the products.

Japanese green teas are also defused among Japanese in long time.

Green tea had introduced from China to Japan in 6th century.

It is famous among people engaged in Japanese green tea business that Zen priest Eizai spreaded Japanese green tea among novels as a medicine.

After that Japanese green tea culture "Sa-dou"(Japanese green tea ceremony) had created through medieval ages.

Japanese green tea spreaded to ordinaryl people in 18 th century (Edo period).

The tea that was drunk in this period is not present Sencha Japanese green tea.

In Meiji period (end of 19th century) , Japanese green tea production method was almost achieved and exported tremendously to US.

Then, present Sencha teas were spread to Japan.

Nowadays, drinking Japanese green teas is a Japanese culture.

Japanese drink coffee or black tea in shop, and drinks Japanese green tea in Ochanoma in their house, office especially in order to serve guests.

There are many words that include tea such as "Chame-ke" (tea eyes, means mischievous attitude,) "Mecha-kucha"(no teas , means up side down) and that shows Japanese green tea is so diffused.

It is said that culture is like air, people normally be unconscious it but cannot live without it. It may be same to Japanese green tea in Japanese culture.

People in other countries drink tea in various ways.

It is famous that English enjoy afternoon tea. (Off course English unconsciously drink English tea every day like Japanese.)

Turkish drink chai tea that is hot tea served in wonderful gold pot and grass.

In Taiwan, There is a chagei (means tea art) like Japanese Sencha-do, Taiwanese drinks tea differently from Japanese way.

( In Japan, Taiwanese oolong tea is low quality products however in Taiwan, Taiwanese oolong tea is very delicious.)

Argentina drinks hot tea in silver cup and by straw.

It is very different from Japanese way. It has been shown that Japanese also found out Japanese way that suits Japanese in a long time

. Here in this chapter, I do not go into Japanese culture discussion through Japanese green tea, however through Japanese green tea history I consider Japanese green tea that has been defused.


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