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Choosing a tea pot
Points to look for
When you choose a teapot, pick up the pot and see if it is convenient to use. Check whether the lid fits the opening, the length and thickness of the handle fit your hand, and the angle of the handle helps you to pour tea. It is also important that the pot be lightweight and easy to handle in order to empty the tea to the last drop.
two tea pots and a tray
Size of the teapot
Surprisingly, the size of the teapot influences the taste of the tea. When the leaves steep in the appropriate quantity of hot water and become uncurled, the flavor seeps into the water. It is recommended that you prepare two sizes of teapot, depending on the number of guests you usually have. If you have more than one pot, you can use them for different types of tea, for example, one for premium Sencha and one for Houji-cha.

Tea strainer
If the strainer inside the pot is large and the mesh is fine, the tea leaves will not clog the mesh. The metal mesh is easy to wash. If you are concerned about the taste of metal transfering to the tea, however, choose a teapot with ceramic mesh. You may see teapots that have a cup-style tea strainer just inside the opening, but these are not appropriate for brewing tea leaves.

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