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Green tea is often thought to have a long shelf life, but its quality is influenced by storage conditions and may deteriorate. Store it properly in order to preserve its ideal taste.

1. What to avoid
The most important things to avoid are humidity, heat, light, and odors, which can cause deterioration in the quality of the tea. Tea should be properly sealed in its container. Catechin, vitamin C, and the tea's aroma spoil when the tea oxidizes. Tea also easily absorbs odors, so it is important to protect it from surrounding smells.

2. Storage container
A small, airtight, can protected from light is recommended. An airtight glass canister looks nice but its weakness is its transparency. Exposure to light deteriorates the green color and aroma of the tea. Avoid exposure to light. An airtight container that holds 100 to 200 g of tea is recommended so that you will be able to consume all the tea leaves within a month of opening the original package.

3. Storing in the refrigerator
Care must be taken when storing tea in the refrigerator. Put it in the hermetic container and wrap the container in a plastic bag to protect the tea from the odors of other foods. If you open the container immediately after you take it out of the refrigerator, the temperature difference will cause condensation on the container. To avoid this, set the container out in room temperature for a while before opening. Once opened, store the tea at room temperature and consume it as soon as possible.
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