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The 73rd Hand-rubbed Sencha Competition in Kansai

First prize Sencha Awarded in the 73rd hand-rubbed Sencha Competition in Kansai

This is the winner in the 73rd Hand-rubbed Sencha Competition in Kansai where held in Nara Prefecture Nara city JA Nara tea center in 2nd September 2021.
There are 139 sencha exhibits in this year.
Our company successfully buy Awarded sencha.
This sencha is made by Mr. Hiroaki Endo in Odai Machi in Mie prefecture.
A rich taste and beautiful aroma sencha.
Mr. Endo received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in 2012.

Participation in the competition starts from fertilizing the soil, Paying special care for their honor.
First, the farmers enrich the soil with organic fertilizer. After two years, when the soil has become rich enough, They plant cuttings. They rear the plants for about three years. When young leaves sprout, they pick the leaves.
Freshness is one of the most important factors for the taste of green tea. Dozens of veteran farmers pick the leaves in the shortest time and the leaves are steamed as soon as possible. The experts rub the steamed leaves to dry.
Teas are examined from four points of view: aroma, shape, taste, and color of water. (Perfect score 200points)
This product scored 185 points in all four categories.
Brew it at lower temperatures (70℃). It gives water a golden green color, which is peculiar to deep steamed tealeaves, a thick, sweet aftertaste, and the delightful strong aroma of a tea. Just one sip gives a sense of satisfaction.
This is a blissful tea.

How to brew competitive tea
1) Winner sencha
Pour hot water into the first cup and please wait until cup is warm. And then pour to second cup from first cup and please wait until cup is warm too. And then pour to third cup from second cup. Third cup is warm, it time temperature of hot water in the cup is about 70℃ .In the Kyusu (tea pot) you put 7g tea leaf and then pour into hot water in third cup. Please keep one minute in the Kyusu(tea pot) and then pour to you third cup.
Color of tea is golden and very nice Umami . After taste is very rich!