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The Appreciation Sale at 120th birthday of the company

Kaburagien celebrated its 120 anniversary at February 15th 2017. Thanks to the US supported by our long time customers and thanks very much. With gratitude, founded 120 anniversary Memorial two kind tea will be released at great prices.

1st Prize Sencha (Japan Tea Industry Leaned Society awarded in the 68th hand-rubbed Sencha Competition in Kansai)

The characteristic of our shop's teas are from ability to blend the teas of many production areas brought from cooperation with the production areas of all country. This tea is also blended the tea in Uji and teas in produced in high hill of mountain and hillside and the foot of mountain in Sizuoka, and Tenryucha in Sizuoka and the tea in Kagoshima. As production method, this teas are blended light steamed tea and middle streamed tea and deep steamed tea. It will be good fun to drink and feel the difference such as "Oh, this taste is Uji tea, this aftertaste is Kawane tea, this taste is deep steamed tea" and so on.

Awarded Hand plucking Sencha

The 120th year anniversary tea Edo-Mae (Deep steamed and high heating Sencha). Sencha 200g 1600yen (without consumption tax) worth 1600yen 200g. Limited stock 100kgs.

This tea is slowly take enough time to heat deep streamed tea in the production process that makes high aromatic easy drinking tea. In order to make the most of this tea's characteristic, this tea is straight (non-blended) tea and non-blended is unusual our shop's tea. This tea is tasting good going down and it is suitable to drink after meal, with meats food, after fish food.