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privacy policy
KABURAGIEN (the "Company") considers it as a very important social responsibility to appropriately protect every piece of personal information collected or kept by us in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act. To that end, we have mapped out the following protection policy by which we will manage to strictly protect personal information.

1. Fundamental Concept for Protection of Personal Information
In recognition of the importance of personal information, we will handle personal information through appropriate protective measures in the course of carrying out our business. We will ensure that all employees comply with acts and relating guideline concerned so that each of us conforms in accordance with social confidence and expectations.

2. Collection of Personal Information When collecting personal information, we will first make clear why it is needed and then collect it within necessary limits. Collection will be carried out with a priority to legality and fairness.

3. Providing Personal Information to a Third Party
We will appropriately administer the handling of collected personal information and will neither disclose nor pass it to any third party, except in the following cases: i) where the person himself or herself agrees to disclosure or passing it on. ii) where there is an urgent need for disclosure of his or her personal information with a view to an impending danger to human life, body or property. iii) where disclosure of personal information is legally necessary.

4. Administration of Personal Information
Personal information is being put under appropriate administration with required and reasonable protective measures under way to guard against unfair access, loss, falsification, leakage, etc. from the perspective of proper information technology and administration. If any negligence in administration were to occur, such as leakage of such data, we would be in a position to take immediate and effective countermeasures.

5. Imposing a Duty on Those Entrusted with this Service
We will commit ourselves to imposing a duty on any third party who is provided with personal information. On a contract basis, they will be required to strictly manage any personal information provided to them just as appropriately as we ourselves will do.

6. Reviewing How to Comply with Relevant Acts and Norms
We are committed to continuous improvements in the above items to assure complete protection of personal information, as well as to complying with every act and norm concerned.

7. For further details
Kindly contact us.


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