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Production areas
Production areas
Production areas
The conditions for producing good tea leaves are well-drained soil, abundant rainfall, and temperature differences during daytime and at night. The climate and the production method create a tea peculiar to the area.

Sayama-cha, Saitama Prefecture

Traditional production center in the Kanto area. The tea leaves are strongly roasted in the final stage of production. This process produces sweetness and richness as well as an astringent taste. This tea has had a reputation for good taste since ancient times.

Shizuoka-cha, Shizuoka Prefecture
Shizuoka is the largest production center in Japan. Most of the tea produced here is Sencha. Kakegawa and Kikukawa located in the south are the origin of Fukamushi (deeply roasted) tea and produces premium Fukamushi-cha. Kawane, Tenryu and the upstream area of the Abe River are located on the riverside in the north and produce premium tea with the characteristics of a refreshing aroma and mild taste peculiar to the production area in the mountains.

Ise-cha, Mie Prefectur
The area produces distinctive tea with a strong aroma and taste. Kabuse-cha is a famous cultivation method that maximizes sweetness. The region is third in production quantity in Japan.

Uji-cha, Kyoto Prefecture
The Uji region is said to be the origin of Japanese tea and is a historical production area. It boasts extremely high quality tea. Gyokuro, Macha, and premium Sencha are famous nationwide. It has an excellent aroma and sweet taste.

Kagoshima-cha, Kagoshima Prefecture
The second largest production area after Shizuoka. Many of the producers are young and have made rapid progress in quality and quantity. The taste is full of strength and richness. It has a characteristic aroma peculiar to the southland.

Yame-cha, Fukuoka Prefecture
A famous production area for Gyokuro. The area enjoys well-drained soil and cool and pluvious temperatures which produce tea of good quality. The taste is rich and sweet.

Ureshino-cha, Saga Prefecture
Famous Kamairi-cha (roasted in a pot) tea is produced following traditional production methods. It has a less astringent, refreshing, and mild taste.

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