Our shop's Matcha "Gracias of the court" was drunk "the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony" that held in Hama imperial villa in 20th and 21st October 2018.


One of a dispatch Tokyo culture, the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony had been held in October for the first time in 2008, In this year also as "the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony" was held in 20th and 21st October 2018 in Hama imperial villa and many people visited.

The tea ceremony was intended to be familiar with tea culture for many people and also for the people who are not familiar with or tourists from foreign countries to enjoy the Japanese traditional culture "Cha-no- yu (the Japanese green tea ceremony)" not only tea- ceremony room and also prepared the entertainments to present the culture of Edo,Tokyo.

Our shop's Matcha (named Gracious of the court) was used the tea-ceremony room and have a great reputation.